• MP900390573[1]Are your marketing efforts getting results that help you meet your projections?

    Or, put another way, are your marketing messages easily attracting CASH because you are truly being of service?

    It seems like there is always a lot of buzz about how to get your marketing to work better. That IS important.

    At the same time, I believe, it’s more important to know why your marketing is NOT working in the first place. When you can identify what is keeping your marketing in a holding pattern you can course correct.

    This means you need to review and monitor your projections and your marketing messages to make sure you’re achieving your goals. You might also consider changing your approach.

    In addition to accurately predicting the shift in marketing that we are still seeing today (Click this link AWE_LisaMSBCD  to download the back-story), I’ve identified the top three reasons your marketing messages are not effective (or as effective as they could be).

    As the landscape of marketing changes, the way we market needs to change. The antiquated, manipulative tactics many marketers have learned to use are being replaced by a more collaborative, feminine approach to marketing (see full Inc. Magazine interview here).

    This is good news because the truth be told, marketing is really about relationships and you cannot build a solid foundation unless you’ve earned trust and are coming from a place of true service.

    Here are  3 reasons why your marketing messages are not effective:

    1) Values: The biggest disconnect I see with marketing messages is when a business is created without consideration to core values. For example, you may be clear on your values and you’re infusing them in your personal life but you created a business solely to make money. This means your business mission isn’t based on your values and although you may be successful in the short-run, your long-term success is in jeopardy.

    The heart of your personal mission in life and your business mission in life (and this includes mission statements) should be based on your CORE values. When your personal mission statement and business mission statement are both created based on your core values you are able to reach your BIG vision because everything is congruent. This allows you to tell your story in a way that connects clearly with the people you are meant to serve. When your mission statements are not in alignment with your values, a disconnect is created that rolls over to your profit centers. Are you clear on your values? It’s important because values equal value.


    2) Clients: When you continually attract not-so-ideal clients, something is OFF and you need to fix it right away.

    When your personal mission statement and business mission statement are in alignment based on your core values you’ll easily attract ideal clients instead of attracting not- so-ideal clients (do you really want to serve people who don’t match your values?).

    This alignment allows you to freely speak your truth in relationship to all aspects of your life and create a solid foundation for trust. It also allows you to infuse your story into your marketing message so your efforts magnetize and attract the right people (you’ll also be able to determine when and where to share specific elements of your story).

    Are you regularly attracting your ideal clients or are you in the trap of chasing not-so-ideal clients because you’re not really clear?


    3) Method: When you’re using techniques that don’t resonate with you or align with your values, you likely won’t get the results you’d hoped for OR resonate with your ideal clients.

    The marketing methods and formulas you are using to create your messaging are vital to the success of your business. Often clients come to me feeling stuck and disconnected when it comes to creating marketing messages. AND, most often it’s because they’ve been taught the antiquated “Problem, agitate and solve” formula that focuses on highlighting pain points, agitating that pain and then solving the “problem”. This formula doesn’t support the values of the clients I attract. Simply put, if the formula you are using to create your marketing messages doesn’t feel right, it’s probably not right. If it doesn’t flow for you, it won’t flow for your prospects.

    I share a different way to create marketing messages with integrity that come from a place of true service, are based on values and get results. I do this via my “Challenge. Solution. Invitation.™” formula.

    I’m getting fantastic feedback on this new approach and my clients are getting results. Does this formula resonate with you? How can you apply The NEW Marketing Model for Success to your marketing and all relationships, communication and interactions?

    I invite you to review your values, examine your mission statements, assess the clients you are attracting and reconsider your marketing methods. You can start right away by implementing my formula and if you’d like to go deeper, you may find that my program How to Create Marketing Messages With Integrity: Attract Your Ideal Clients With Your Authentic Voice is the right fit for you.

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    Lisa Manyon is "The Business Marketing Architect" a content and copywriting strategist for mission-driven entrepreneurs. She's the creator of the NEW marketing model for success (as seen in Inc. Magazine) that's changing the way people market today. She specializes in powerfully communicating your marketing message to increase results via Manyon Marketing Web Makeovers, website copy packages and content strategies to effectively market your business. She offers a free Copywriting Action Plan and marketing resources on her award winning blog. Her consulting and coaching is known to help produce million dollar results www.writeoncreative.com/blog


    22 responses to “3 Reasons Why Your Marketing Messages Aren’t Effective (and how to change that)”

    1. Sue Painter says:

      I agree that alignment with values is key – although I often think people don’t really get what that means for them. We don’t teach “values” for living in school or college much and it shows.

    2. Doreen says:

      The three reasons are important so important for people to examine when they aren’t getting results. Many times, people will look to just change their marketing or go with “the latest and the greatest” without actually taking the time to understand what the real issue is.

      • Lisa Manyon says:


        You are spot on. Not only do people follow trends too quickly (without examining strategy or motivation), they are often stuck in antiquated ways of marketing and writing copy just because that’s the way it’s always been done.

        I’m delighted to see marketing with integrity becoming the lifeblood of effective strategy and communications.

        Write on!~


    3. Love this, Lisa! The method is so important – having recently been pounced on at a furniture store, and viewed as a dollar sign rather than a person, I do my best to make sure others don’t feel that way with my marketing methods 🙂

      • Lisa Manyon says:


        YOU know how I feel about people being treated as numbers and the numbers game in general. I often refuse “list-building” promotions when there is a minimum list size request (I call my “list” my community because they are people). Also, the minimum requirement is so numbers driven and excludes many who focus on quality community members as opposed to un-vetted quantity. Sorry… a little tangent on my part. As you can tell, I’m passionate about this.

        Thanks for chiming in.

        Write on!~


    4. Jessica says:

      Wow, Lisa! This had my ideas popping in the first few sentences. I just spent 20 minutes sending out holiday marketing messages that I hadn’t thought of. Thanks for that. And your 3 Reasons are great food for thought!

    5. Lisa you are so right that your personal values come first above all else!

      • Lisa Manyon says:

        Mary Ellen,

        Thanks for sharing. YES! I like to say “Values equal value” and they do. If we don’t base everything we do on our values, why are we even doing “it”?

        Write on!~


    6. I just recently began to be more transparent with people about my values and the message behind why I do what I do. It’s so interesting how so many different marketing ideas/plans were all about creating a flow but didn’t address letting people know what motivates me. Thanks for the encouragement to grow in this direction.

      • Lisa Manyon says:


        I’m so glad to hear this. Your motivation and values are KEY. It’s also important to showcase your value proposition (i.e. how your passion, products or services help others). Storytelling is a great way to illustrate this.

        I cannot wait to hear more about how your message emerges.

        Write on!~


    7. This says it all for me: When your personal mission statement and business mission statement are both created based on your core values you are able to reach your BIG vision because everything is congruent.

      Thanks Lisa!

      • Lisa Manyon says:


        So true. Often when people have been taught to go after the “low hanging fruit” — focusing only on a quick financial fix as opposed to digging in to personal values (as a foundation) and their BIG why for their mission, there is a huge energetic disconnect. This impacts everything personally and professionally.

        Write on!~


    8. Mitch Tublin says:

      Lack of values. This is all over the news and our lives every single day. Focus on the personal and business values first – absolutely!

    9. This is all great advice, Lisa! I especially want to highlight #1. Most people do not consider how to incorporate their values into their business–I believe it is the very first thing you need to do.

      • Lisa Manyon says:


        YOU are absolutely correct. That’s why I invite people to examine and reassess their values on a regular basis. Values are a core foundation for creating marketing messages with integrity. In fact, this exercise is included in my self-study program How to Create Marketing Messages With Integrity: Attract YOUR Ideal Clients With Your Authentic Voice. It shifts everything and as you know small shifts make big impact.

        Write on!~


    10. Great that you are getting great feedback on your model Lisa you are spot on that: “When you can identify what is keeping your marketing in a holding pattern you can course correct.”

      • Lisa Manyon says:


        YES! Course correction is crucial. If something isn’t working, it’s time to examine why and try a new approach. Too often people hang on to old programming (especially in marketing) and in essence they are turning off their prime prospects.

        Write on!~


    11. Tai Goodwin says:

      I’ve always had a problem with fear-based marketing models and sales approaches. I don’t want to make my decisions based on fear – why would I want my customers to make an investment decision based on fear. I truly believe you reap what you sow. I make an effort to sow opportunity and inspiration- so that my potential clients give me the opportunity to work with them and come to each free consultation inspired.

      • Lisa Manyon says:

        Thanks Tai,
        I absolutely agree that we reap what we sow. I’m happy that my approach to marketing resonates with you. I’m even happier that my clients are getting results and making a profit by being true to their values.
        Write on!~
        Lisa Manyon

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