What are you doing to maintain visibility and profitability?  I’m refocusing, leveraging and streamlining my offerings, team and more (Hint: this is a continual process especially when it comes to your web presence). AND during the process I’m doing a lot of reflecting on what works, what doesn’t work and what can be improved. I invite you to do the same.

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One thing that I know for sure is that our business and marketing plans have to be flexible. There are several elements of plans that really challenge people

1)Creating a plan (you do have one, right? If not — it’s TIME)
2)Implementing the plan (too often there is a plan in place but no action to make it happen)
3) Reviewing and adjusting the plan based on performance (you have to track and measure results)

I’ve also learned that planning doesn’t have to be painful or complicated — although often we make it more so than it needs to be (I know I’m guilty and recently I had a big ah-ha moment about that). In fact, I’ve realized that collaboration with colleagues, mentors and clients is the KEY to successful planning and business growth strategies  (it’s not that I hadn’t known this but sometimes we are so involved working “in” our business we forget to work “on” our business).  I think sometimes we expect too much of ourselves and don’t reach out for support, wisdom and advice from others because we feel we should have a handle on it all.  I also see A LOT of people hiding behind their websites and social media.

While it’s that one of the best ways for potential clients and prospect to connect with me is via my website– my website alone generate ALL of my business.  You cannot rely on your website alone — especially if you don’t have a content strategy in place to drive traffic and consistently create engaging content. If you’re wondering why your website isn’t working as well as you had hoped, maybe it’s time to reassess your strategy both online and offline.

Here are three ways you can increase your profitability and visibility:

1) Review your plan and make adjustments as necessary.
All too often we forget to plan the work and work the plan. This could be because we’re too busy working “in” our business instead of “on” our business. Take the time to plan and review and if it’s a challenge for you, get some help. I connect with trusted advisers in this area all the time. This is especially important for your website content and strategy.

2) Pick up the phone and personally connect with your clients and colleagues. In the digital age we rely on technology TOO much. In fact, too few people are making genuine connections with their clients. Actually speaking with them will give you a better idea of what they really need. Your clients will be pleasantly surprised (sometimes even shocked) to hear from you. Your colleagues are an excellent referral source and it’s a great idea to stay in touch to see how you can build those relationships to increase profits via referrals.

3) Revisit your website content and strategy. All too often I see clients “set it and forget it” with their website. This means your information gets stale, your clients needs likely have changed and you’re not really connecting. I suggest reviewing and revamping your content each quarter (at a minimum). Perhaps it’s time for a Manyon Marketing Web Makeover?

Are you reaching your projections? What do you need to do to make that happen?

Lisa Manyon is "The Business Marketing Architect," a content strategist for mission-driven entrepreneurs. She's the creator of the values-based "Challenge. Solution. Invitation.™" communication framework to create marketing messages with integrity by focusing on PASSION points (as seen in Inc. Magazine). She specializes in reverse engineering your most powerful solutions into profitable revenue streams. She offers coaching, consulting, copywriting training, and strategies to effectively market your business. Her content strategy plans are known to produce million-dollar results. She’s a #1 international bestselling author and award-winning speaker available to teach, train, and transform your audience with interactive Business Breakthrough Boutiques. She offers business-building resources on her award-winning blog. www.writeoncreative.com/blog