• When is the last time you felt like you had been heard? Not just slightly acknowledged but really heard.  When we communicate on a deep level we feel validated and we know what we’re saying matters. The message we share resonates with others and the purpose of the exchange is understood. This happens with our partners, our colleagues and our tribe — the people who really “get” us.  That’s a good feeling wouldn’t you agree?

    Here’s what I find interesting. For years marketers, advertisers and copywriters have been pushing techniques that don’t really facilitate deep conversation or change. The intent has been to push a product, create more sales and basically treat people like numbers. People are not numbers. People are people. Since this is clearly a universal truth, doesn’t it make sense to create your marketing materials in a way that really connects on a deep level? It’s time to make sure your mission, values and the needs of your clients are taken into consideration…

    Since becoming inspired to step up and speak about what I see that isn’t working in advertising, marketing and copywriting (and offering solutions that are) some interesting things have been happening . I’m speaking my truth and that cannot be disputed because, well, it’s true and what I’m sharing works. I’m actually a little blown away by the response — in a good way, of course.  We’ve known for YEARS that women are influencing the majority of all purchasing decisions (85% + to be exact) yet marketers have been using the same antiquated techniques to attempt to capture our attention. It’s not working as well as it once did because the formulas created were intended to speak to men (not that there’s anything wrong with that IF that’s who you’re trying to connect with).   It’s no secret that men and women communicate differently and respond to different messaging.

    Women want to be heard not treated like a part of a herd.

    In fact, I recently read an article that claims 91% of women feel like advertisers don’t understand them… (interesting since we’re influencing over 85% of all purchasing decisions including male oriented purchases). Clearly marketers are missing the mark.

    I’m going to share more about this on a FREE call May 8th Find Your Voice & Make a Difference — How to Create Marketing Messages with Integrity (this will be the juiciest call about this topic yet). You’ll discover what it takes to market with integrity during this candid conversation. Linda Joy (publisher of Aspire Magazine) will interview me about what’s working and what’s not. I’ll reveal the #1 barrier to marketing success for women and what must be in place in order to truly succeed. Be prepared to approach the way you market your business differently and take action to get into full alignment.    I really hope you’ll join me for this  FREE LIVE call (grab your spot here).

    You’ll be especially interested if you…

    • Are tired of trying the cookie-cutter marketing methods that do not reflect your values or your authentic voice and you’re ready to be REALLY heard

    • Have a BIG MISSION but struggle to share it in a way that doesn’t feel “icky”, salesy or too pushy (totally possible with my new marketing model for success)

    • Are ready to discover how to find your voice and truly make a difference so you can serve more people (based on your values, mission and integrity)

    To save your spot click here (and please share the love via social media and with any colleagues you know who are struggling to be heard in a way that feels RIGHT).

    I would also love to hear what’s working for you and what isn’t when it comes to marketing. Please leave your comments here?

    Lisa Manyon is "The Business Marketing Architect" a content and copywriting strategist for mission-driven entrepreneurs. She's the creator of the NEW marketing model for success (as seen in Inc. Magazine) that's changing the way people market today. She specializes in powerfully communicating your marketing message to increase results via Manyon Marketing Web Makeovers, website copy packages and content strategies to effectively market your business. She offers a free Copywriting Action Plan and marketing resources on her award winning blog. Her consulting and coaching is known to help produce million dollar results www.writeoncreative.com/blog


    17 responses to “Women Want to Be Heard not Treated Like a Part of The Herd…”

    1. I wholeheartedly agree with this post Lisa – too many marketers do blanket approaches without considering the WHO of who they are speaking to. It reminds me of that beautiful quote:

      People won’t remember what you said, People won’t remember what you did, People will remember how you made them feel!!

      • Lisa Manyon says:


        I love that quote. I find it interesting that even though we know that people respond best to emotions that make us feel good — techniques are being taught to perpetuate pain and manipulate. It’s time for that to stop. I’m excited to be the voice to help make that happen.

        Write on!~

        Lisa Manyon

    2. Gail Saseen says:

      Can’t wait for your call Lisa! I know that you are truely an expert in this area. I agree!

      • Lisa Manyon says:


        Thanks for the support. I’m really excited about this. It’s already facilitating positive change and that’s what it’s all about.

        Write on!~

        Lisa Manyon

    3. Sue Painter says:

      I know your content will be interesting and hit the mark, Lisa. Wishing you the best of success with your call.

      • Lisa Manyon says:

        Thanks Sue,

        I feel really good about this. It’s making a big impact and will help people get back on track with marketing in a way that feels right and is done with integrity. It’s time.

        Write on!~


    4. Linda Joy says:

      Lisa, you nailed it again!

      What I’ve consistently heard from my readers and listeners over the last seven years of publishing Aspire and hosting women’s live and virtual events is that their deepest desire is to be HEARD, SEEN and VALIDATED in all areas of their lives but especially by those they may choose to do business with.

      They want authenticity in all their interactions and Lisa you really get this ->> women want to be spoken TO and not AT. They want to do business with brands that authentically connect with their own mission and values.

      Love that you are shaking up the old paradigm!

      • Lisa Manyon says:


        Thanks so much for your support. I am constantly amazed at how marketers continue to miss the mark…
        I’ve also been having some very interesting conversations about this shift during interviews. People (women especially) are breathing a BIG sigh of relief that there is a better way to approach relationship building with marketing. 🙂

        Write on!~

        Lisa Manyon

    5. Kit Furey says:

      When Lisa said, “Women want to be heard, not be part of the herd,” it went through me like a lightning bolt of Truth…capital T. I’ve been banging my head against the wall following ‘traditional’ approaches to arousing curiosity and interest and recently decided that I’ve had enough of the ‘poke the pain’ approach to offering my solutions to problems. Interestingly, I’ve made a couple of offers that have…actually….been invitations.

      I can assure you I’m going to be on Lisa’s upcoming call. I let out a HUGE sigh of relief to have a pro like Lisa say that invitations are the effective and humane way to share solutions. Can’t wait to hear more!!

      • Lisa Manyon says:


        I appreciate your support and it makes me feel so GREAT that my approach resonates with you. You are not alone — hundreds of people have already signed up for the call (men and women alike). This it a BIG game changer. The response has been a little overwhelming but in a good way. So happy you’ll be joining the call. I assure you it will be time well spent.

        Write on!~

        Lisa Manyon

    6. Mitch Tublin says:

      Looking forward to your call.

    7. You make a very good point about “91% of women feel like advertisers don’t understand them…(interesting since we’re influencing over 85% of all purchasing decisions including male oriented purchases).” Shocking that this gets ignored! So excited about your call — signing up right now so that I don’t make the same mistake. 🙂

    8. Lisa
      Great article and so so true – you are spot on with this and I’m so thrilled you are sharing with us via a call and getting this message out in a big way! I’ve signed up and excited to learn more from you – I know this is huge for you. My clients are all women (pretty much) and I know I’m going to learn a ton! Exciting stuff!

      • Lisa Manyon says:


        I’m so happy you’re joining the call. Yes, what I’m sharing will help you become even more clear about your marketing efforts. Although I know you’re already very much in tune with your ideal clients.

        Write on!~

        Lisa Manyon

    9. Kiyla Fenell says:

      Love this Lisa! Congratulations on the call. I’m sure it was a great success. 🙂

      Kiyla Fenell

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