Have you ever had a moment when you felt a little jealous of someone else or maybe you started comparing yourself to others? Perhaps you even went so far as to say “who does SHE think SHE is?” when you saw how a mentor or industry expert was doing business?

During the recent live webcast interviews with James Roche and Ali Brown, Doreen Rainey touched on the topic of “Business Envy”. She was very transparent about her initial reaction to how much Ali Brown charges for programs. She openly admitted that she had “Business Envy”. AND she got over it, enrolled in Ali’s program and invested in herself. I think if we’re all honest with ourselves, we’ve each felt this way a time or two and I applaud Doreen for coining the phrase “Business Envy”.  I told Doreen I was going to quote her in my ezine because I always like to give credit where credit is due. I checked with her to see the exact phrase she used because I wanted to quote her correctly and I  thought she said “Success Envy”. The two are similar but a little different.

With “Business Envy” you look at someone else and think “who does she think she is to charge that much?’

With “Success Envy” you compare and you question your own worth and what you have achieved because it seems others have achieved a higher level of success than you.

Both are stumbling blocks to getting what you really want because the answers are within you. You have the ability to choose to create a profitable business and to define what success means to you.

I remember when I first started  Write On Creative in 2003. It was only a dream and I sought out industry experts to strategically align myself with so I could quickly position myself as a leader in the industry. Naturally, I was attracted to Lorrie Morgan-Ferrero (one of the top female copywriters in the industry, my first high-level mentor and someone who was, at that time, commanding $750 an hour). I experienced a little business envy when I first started following her and I secretly wanted to know “who she thought she was?”. I also knew I wanted to achieve that level of success. So, I took action, set my ego aside and I invested in myself. It paid for itself many times over and I’m happy to count her among my friends and trusted colleagues (one of the very few copywriters I’ll cross-refer business to).

I’ve also had my fair share of success envy where I’ve compared myself and my business to others instead of owning my definition of success and fully celebrating how far I’ve come and everything I’ve achieved. An example of this is wishing for a bigger home instead of being really happy that I was wise enough to invest in and purchase my home.  My point is, we all experience business and success envy to some degree and when we recognize it we can move on and we can celebrate who we are.  When we experience success envy we tend to give our power away and hide behind the success of others which sometimes diminishes our own gifts.

The question “who does she think she is?” has come up about me lately because I’m raising my rates for the 5 Page Web Copy Packages. I’ve also had a few prospects wonder why my rates are what they are and WHY they should invest in my services.

So, here’s who I KNOW I am (not who I think I am). I feel really blessed to give women a voice to turn your ideas into something that matters via web copy and marketing strategies to build relationships, truly connect with your ideal clients and ultimately increase your income online. I do this with a combination of specialized training and real world experience that gets results. Simply put, I meet you where you are in your business. You may need copy, have copy that needs help, want to learn to write better copy yourself or you may need one-on-one individualized business building strategies. I also don’t judge you or your personal definition of success. I help you leverage your own time and talents with proven strategies I know work.

Specialized training and real world experience: It takes money to make money and investments in your business are just that — investments — not expenses (often they are a tax write off). I have invested in my craft by mentoring and studying with the best of the best including Lorrie Morgan-Ferrero, John Carlton and Peter Bower (author of The Well Fed Writer a book that features me as a success story) and achieving the Glazer- Kennedy “Creating Copy that Sells” certification. I blend my training with my ad agency experience and have created my own unique style of writing to match my ideal clients voices (this means it sounds like you and isn’t cheesy or overly salesy yet it still sells).

Beyond honing my craft I’ve invested in business building training with James Roche and Ali Brown. So, I have practical knowledge of how to create, operate and run a profitable business based on your own level of success (never let anyone define this for you).


I help my preferred clients get results. My Manyon Marketing Web Makeovers streamline the online sales process to increase opt-ins and sales by improving strategy and copy. My 5 Page Web Copy Packages help clients create or rewrite web copy to increase results while saving time and money (if you don’t invest in your copy wisely and it falls flat you’re missing opportunities to be of service and profit). Finally, for more advanced preferred clients, my Content Strategy Plan helps organize and streamline your online marketing editorial calendar for a year at a time (with room for adjustments) and has generated $40,000.00 for a one client when she utilized the techniques in ONE email campaign.

So, between real-world experience, investing in mentorship and business training as well as being really confident in the results generated, that’s who I know I am. But, it’s taken time to own that and to accept the responsibility that comes with being a leader.

With that being said. How will you invest in yourself and your business?

If you’re interested in discovering how we can work together, be sure to visit my website here.