• Success or failureMany years ago I attended Ali Brown’s “Shine” event in Dallas, Texas. The theme was Reinvention.

    Is reinvention a good idea or do people just give up too easily?

    Honestly, I sometimes think the term “reinvention” is thrown around a little too lightly. I get that change is necessary for growth and success. Change is truly the only constant in life. I embrace it, I’ve learned to. At the same time something about “reinvention” doesn’t sit right with me. I think it’s because many people use reinvention as an excuse to give up and move on to something else (often perceived as something easier). It reminds me of something I often tell clients “just because you can do something, doesn’t mean you should.”

    We’re all faced with so many choices and opportunities. As freelancers and entrepreneurs it’s easy to chase after the next “bright shiny object”. It’s also easy to veer off our intended path because there are so many opportunities. I know I’ve done it and had to course correct a time or two.

    On day one of Shine, Ali Brown shared key elements you must embrace to reinvent. I think everyone should consider this when they consider where they want to be (personally and professionally).  First, Ali was really clear that you cannot have reinvention without change. That may seem simple and at the same time how often do we resist change even when we know it’s necessary?

    To reinvent you need to, be ready, be able and be willing to make the changes necessary to reach your ultimate goal. The theme of reinvention reminds me of one of my favorite quotes “Never resist a temporary inconvenience if it results in a permanent improvement.” I’m not sure who originally said this or I would give credit where credit is due. I will say this – the concept has kept me moving forward even when times got really tough.

    When you’re considering reinventing, you might consider that small shifts make big impact and you can EVOLVE instead. The same can be said for re-branding. Here’s another blog post with some food for thought.

    Jane Wurwand delivered an impressive keynote at the Shine event.  She emphasized staying on course, pushing through when things get difficult and keeping your eye on the end goal even if you don’t know how “the bit in the middle” is going to work out. She said “Saying ‘no’ lets us choose our YESES.” That really resonated with me (her entire presentation was spot on and so refreshing). Her suggestion to stay the course reminds me of questions I often get about branding. Click here to read “How long does it take to brand a business.”

    What do you need to let go of to make more room for what really serves you (both personally and professionally)?

    I’d love to hear from you here and I’ll be thinking about this, too. Meanwhile, feel free to grab your FREE Copywriting Action Plan here and discover how to create marketing messages with integrity by focusing on PASSION points instead of poking at pain points www.writeoncreative.com .

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    6 responses to “Reinvention… Necessary or a Cop Out?”

    1. I’m also a SHINEDallas and have my own issues with reinvention and the concept of having to do something new and different (because I have no intention of doing so). I think that you don’t reinvent yourself periodically, you evolve to the next step. So perhaps the word is Evolution instead of reinvention.

      • Lisa Manyon says:

        Hi Rhonda,

        Great to “meet” you here. Be sure to say hello when you see me. I don’t actually have a problem with the concept or the word but rather how some people interpret it. Change and being an ever-evolving being is part of reinvention but some hide behind reinvention as a “cop out” mechanism and change course when things get tough. I believe we have to have staying power, dedication and determination to survive and thrive as entrepreneurs. 🙂 Thanks for weighing in. What’s your next big change?

    2. Deborah says:

      I appreciate you asking the question “what do we need to let go of..” in order to make more room for what we want. And generally, it’s our FEAR. I love what a mentor of mind says, “You have to let go of something of a lower nature in order to receive something of a higher nature.” THAT’s the real process of growth. Maybe we can call them ‘mini-renovations’ because it’s never truly a TOTAL reinvention.

      • Lisa Manyon says:


        Yes, facing fear to move forward is a hard thing to do at times. I know I’ve personally struggled with it and managed to push past the fear to pursue my dreams.

        I wish that for everyone.

        Write on!~


    3. Dave Albano says:

      Thanks for provoking thought here Lisa! I really do think we constantly have to “reinvent” ourselves, especially in business, and I have no problem with the word or concept, but it has to be measured against progress. I agree with your view that the term “reinvention” can be used as an excuse to move on to something else if the first thing isn’t working out. I think the trick is to focus on one thing until it’s done, and THEN see how you can grow and change, pick the next thing where you can add value, finish it to completion, and move on again.

      I liken it to rowing a boat up river, where the river is the flow of life’s obstacles that will constantly confront us. This is inevitable. If we row just hard enough to stay still with the shoreline (i.e. not moving back but not moving forward either), that’s equivalent to going through life’s motions, just “treading water” if you will, but not really getting anywhere. If you stop even for a bit, life pushes you back and other rowers will “pass” you even if they too were just staying still with the shoreline. If there’s no effort, no change, you stop growing and actually go backwards. It’s only those who put in concentrated, continued effort against the current that will overpower the flow against them to get ahead, say to the next tree (goal) on the shoreline. Reach that one, and it takes continued, focused effort to get to the new next tree (new goal) up ahead. Stop the continued effort (change, reinvention), and you tend to lose the original gains you made because those behind you catch up. In business, if you don’t change, someone else will, making you obsolete. Just my two cents 😉

      • Lisa Manyon says:


        I really appreciate your perspective on this. This is an especially juicy nugget” If you don’t change, someone else will, making you obsolete.”. Powerful.

        Thanks again for weighing in. You are valued.

        Write on!~


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