• Wine is a passion of mine. I wouldn’t say that I’m an expert. I simply enjoy wine. I believe wine is a form of art and I’ve experienced the entire process from planting to picking to crushing to aging to bottling to serving and, of course, tasting (Yummy).

    I’ve considered blogging about wine for quite some time but mostly, I simply enjoy it and I’m fascinated by the art and craft of wine.  I’m writing about it now because my social media friend and wine maker Cynthia Cosco of Passaggio Wines featured me on her blog.  So, this post is a tribute to wine (aka entrepreneurial fuel), social media and un-oaked Chardonnay (yes, Chardonnay that is not aged in oak).

    Those  who know me well will wonder why I’m blogging about a white wine especially since I LOVE really BIG RED wine. Well, this  particular Chardonnay is an exceptional wine and Cynthia has a very cool style. We first connected on Twitter (check her out @passaggio) and struck up a friendship while tweeting about marketing and wine. I offered some insights and she sent me some wine (how awesome is that?). It was delicious and this is how I can, in good faith, say you need to try it and how I became a huge fan of her un-oaked Chardonnay and wine making style.

    But, I digress…  The motto at Passaggio Wines is to “Live your passion!” and in addition to being a wine maker, Cynthia also likes to share motivation and passion with others. So, she’s featuring various people on her blog and I’m one of them. You can check out the Passaggio Wines blog here — Stepping Into The Unknown and be sure to poke around the site and order some wine.

    I’d also love to hear about your favorite wines. So, feel free to share. What are you drinking? What’s your favorite Chardonnay and why?

    Cheers to social media, entrepreneurial fuel and unoaked Chardonnay!~

    Lisa Manyon is "The Business Marketing Architect" a content and copywriting strategist for mission-driven entrepreneurs. She's the creator of the NEW marketing model for success (as seen in Inc. Magazine) that's changing the way people market today. She specializes in powerfully communicating your marketing message to increase results via Manyon Marketing Web Makeovers, website copy packages and content strategies to effectively market your business. She offers a free Copywriting Action Plan and marketing resources on her award winning blog. Her consulting and coaching is known to help produce million dollar results www.writeoncreative.com/blog


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    1. Sarah says:

      I’m a Portuguese and Spanish wine fan – the taste is strong and full!

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