• Business GrowthDo you feel the possibilities for the New Year? Aren’t you proud of everything you’ve accomplished, big and small, in 2010. I encourage you to take a moment to ponder what was, what is and what will be. Take some time to focus on what you really want and make it so. The choice really is yours.

    I’m excited to say goodbye to 2010 and welcome the New Year and 2011 with open arms. I’m proud to have reached many of my goals this year including speaking from a BIG stage, being featured in a magazine, writing for a magazine and of course, my never-ending goal to serve more people via Write On ~ Creative Writing Services — that serves two purposes — making a difference in the world and increasing my income to live a more comfortable lifestyle.

    With that being said and with the New Year right around the corner I’m calling B.S. on making resolutions. That’s right, I’m resolving not to make resolutions. Of course, this shouldn’t be too surprising to you since I’ve never really been one to follow the masses. You might even say I dance to the beat of a different drum. It’s true and because of this I’m resolving NOT to make resolutions and instead to make commitments — starting with myself first so I can be a better person and be more fully present to help you.

    The reason I’m rolling with commitments instead of resolutions is because resolutions don’t seem to stick– people make them because everyone else is but they don’t really FEEL them and so it doesn’t happen. Commitments come from a deeper place. A place the heart and soul embrace and help fuel passion and determination (at least that’s been my experience)

    Here’s what I’m committed to in 2011:

    • Reaching optimal health and maintaining a routine of regular exercise (no more slacking)
    • Strengthening my relationship with myself so I’m crystal clear on what works for me and what doesn’t both personally an professionally (this means allowing things to unfold in time without rushing or pushing)
    • Making room for a beautiful, mutually beneficial, fully honest, FUN and loving partnership (on a personal level once I’m confident I’m where I need to be to be FULLY open to the success of a relationship —NOTE: I’m not looking or trying to make it happen — I’m getting to a place where I need to be so when it does– I’m ready)
    • Exceeding my business goals by working with select, quality clients like you (people who are committee to their success and are ready to invest in themselves)
    • Publishing my book so it’s finally available to help more people and change the way people are designing their ideal lives and businesses (It’s really juicy and I cannot wait to hold the final version in my hands and share it with the world)
    These are all things I can get behind and FEEL in my heart will be a great place to focus my energy.

    What are the top 5 commitments you’ll make to yourself? I encourage you to take a moment and jot them down (writing them down really does help them happen faster).

    Regardless of what you choose to do, I’m excited for you and all the possibilities. And, I look forward to the opportunity to work with you in the New Year.

    I’m going to change the way a work a bit in 2011 and there will be some new offerings. One of the things that is going to happen is my Manyon Marketing Makeover Strategy Sessions will go from one hour sessions to 45 minute sessions. So, if you’ve been thinking about investing in some time with me, you might want to book that now before the change takes place.

    I’ll still focus on the Manyon Marketing Web Makeovers (a great place to start if your website isn’t working for you and you want to build relationships, get clients and make money).

    If you’ve not yet created your website my 5 Page Web Copy Packages will get you started the right way with messaging the connects with your ideal client and plans overall strategy including individual page strategy (something many people overlook).

    Plus I’ll create several “Quick Start” guides for PR, Headlines and more to give you affordable access to vital business building tools (stay tuned for updates).
    As always, you can view the menu of my offerings here  — Products and Services

    I look forward to serving you in the New Year and hearing about yours. Now, about your 5 commitments, what are they? Share here?

    Lisa Manyon is "The Business Marketing Architect" a content and copywriting strategist for mission-driven entrepreneurs. She's the creator of the NEW marketing model for success (as seen in Inc. Magazine) that's changing the way people market today. She specializes in powerfully communicating your marketing message to increase results via Manyon Marketing Web Makeovers, website copy packages and content strategies to effectively market your business. She offers a free Copywriting Action Plan and marketing resources on her award winning blog. Her consulting and coaching is known to help produce million dollar results www.writeoncreative.com/blog


    16 responses to “NO Resolutions!!! ~”

    1. Maggie Keenan says:

      My 5 Commitments for 2011:
      1) To declare that “It’ll do” just won’t do.
      2) To remain true to genuine, which is slightly not the same as authentic
      3) To #GD go with the flow for once
      4) To realize that sarcasm is stylistically good for the more than the faint of heart. And those that get it are in my ‘circle’
      5) To acknowledge that smart women really do say F*! many, many times. And it is OK.

    2. Lisa Manyon says:


      I love that you are the real deal. Good for you and I have no doubt that you’ll stand true to your commitments.

      Write on!~


    3. Tom Lehner says:

      I do have some resolutions though,
      1) Publishing my book
      2) Slow down on Business and take more time on my ranch
      3) find me finally true love

      I guess those stakes are not too high. As for you Lisa I wish you a wonderful 2011 all the blessings, love and happiness and success, thank you for a year of inspiration, amazing insights and guidance. You are the best there was the best there is and the best there ever will be


    4. Lisa Manyon says:


      Thanks for your support and for weighing in on the blog. I certainly wish you the best in the New Year.

      Write on!~


    5. Mitch Tublin says:

      A fine stirring statement from you. What else would we expect!
      My commitments –
      1. Fully accept what I am meant to do.
      2. Stop trying to ‘fix’ everyone, everything – it cannot be done.
      A toaster may be fixed or you just go buy a new one. A person will change only if they are ready to.
      3. Write every single day. An article, part of my book(s), my blog, something, just write every single day no matter what.
      4. Smile more. Simple. Just smile more. Life is great.
      5. Change the way I work out every three months. I realized even though I workout every single day, change is good, even for your body.
      Want to check in with each other in three months and see how we are doing? Thanks for your post, Mitch
      .-= Mitch Tublin´s last blog ..Success in 2011 Will Be Determined By Your Planning and Goal Setting For Your 2011 Success =-.

    6. Sue Painter says:

      I’m in.
      1. Create a biz offering that makes full use of my ability to “see” rather than hiding that.
      2. Concentrate on walking and continuing to rebuild the strength in my legs.
      3. Finish my book.
      4. Do JV’s that truly empower both parties.
      5. Enjoy this year with Bill, friends, and way more travel.

      Off to a good start travel-wise and walking-wise, I’m in Panama right now, ha!
      Sue P.

    7. Lisa Manyon says:


      Beautiful! I love what you can “see” and look forward to experiencing how this all evolves with you.

      Write on!~


    8. Wonderful topic Lisa.

      Here’s my 5 commitments for this year:
      1) Love what I do and follow my life purpose
      2) To be more in the moment that is happening as it happens
      3) Expanding my Newsletter business to small business entrepreneurs
      4) To share my creativity through class growth opportunities
      5) To fully engage myself in my mastermind calls, learning and network

      I’m thrilled you will be in MPC again this year. You truly enhance the learning – where ever you are. I look forward to working with you this year.

      Happy New Year Lisa!
      .-= Debbie McNeill´s last blog ..Be My Valentine scrapbook page 8” x 8” =-.

    9. Great job Lisa! Kiyla and I call our “resolutions” promises to ourselves. Resolutions we break, but promises we keep. We promise to:

      1. Always come from a place of high service to each other, our family, friends and our clients.

      2. Make X dollars this year.

      3. To take at least 3 vacations this year to the beach.

      4. To have 60 doctors in our program by December 2011.

      5. To be healthy and conscious about how we take care of our bodies.

      Dr. Robert Fenell

    10. Lisa Manyon says:

      Great commitments. I cannot wait to read your book.
      Write on!~

    11. Lisa Manyon says:

      Dr. Fenell,

      I love that you and Kiyla call your commitments, promises. Both words and so much more symbolic than a resolution.

      I’m with you on #2 and #5.

      Keep us posted on your progress.

      Write on!~


    12. Lisa Manyon says:


      Those are fantastic commitments to you! Way to go and I look forward to experiencing MPC with you again this year, too.

      Write on!~


    13. Thanks for this reminder Lisa.
      I am such a visionary type that I love envisioning the next thing that I’m stepping into, but i also need to remember to reflect on what has happened, acknowledge it, celebrate it and en-JOY!

    14. My Top 5 2011 Commitments:

      1. More fun with my son.
      2. More love with my new man.
      3. More singing and song-writing.
      4. More sailing.
      5. More success for the iaLOAp (Int’l Association of Law of Attraction Professionals)

      ? Katherine

    15. Lisa Manyon says:


      Yes, the celebrating part is crucial. That’s why I keep a journal of success. Then, on the days doubt creeps in, or I need a pick-me-up — I revisit the strides I’ve made. It makes a world of difference. I could see you doing this with video. 🙂

      Write on!~


    16. Lisa Manyon says:


      Those are lovely commitments and we need to catch up because I want to hear all about #2.

      Write on!~


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