Over the past four years I’ve noticed that the word “tribe” has become increasingly popular. As I’ve met new, wonderful and unusual friends there has been a common thread regardless of differences in opinion, background, nationality, political persuasion and quirky personality traits, we all want the same thing…

We long for connectivity. We’re seeking our tribe. This isn’t a new notion – it’s simply changing shape. Innovators no longer wish to be associated with ho hum groups without cause or change. This is a very good thing.

I wasn’t surprised that Godin rolled up his sleeves to examine the topic of tribes, community and the impact the Internet has had on connectivity. True to form, Tribes illuminates the growing popularity and need to be connected in a true and genuine way. It stretches beyond that and brings to light the need for heretical leaders to shake things up and challenge the status quo.

Godin maintains that many tribes are stuck. This includes big charities, tiny clubs, and struggling corporations…the groups that create little value and are boring.

I think we’ve all experienced this to some degree. I’d like to take a moment to encourage you to be the change. Seriously, Godin put it best when he wrote “Every one of those tribes, though, is a movement waiting to happen, a group of people just waiting to be energized and transformed.”

Think about that. If you recently sat through a boring meeting wondering if anything would ever change, it’s time for you to step up and be that change. What if everyone in these stuck tribes is waiting for someone else to be the energizer and shake things up a bit? Will you be the one to finally step up and do it?

The fact that many tribes are stagnant is disturbing. To push past this Godin writes that fear of failure is overrated. I wholeheartedly agree. Fear of failure, according to Godin, is just an excuse. The real fear is the fear of being blamed or criticized.

How many times have you bitten your tongue in one of these boring tribal meetings because you were afraid of criticism? Did you hear a little nagging voice that said “what if I’m wrong?”

Well, what if you’re not? Be the change. Take a chance. Because really, most people don’t matter, but the people who do – they’ll embrace the change and become your tribe. The others can remain stagnant and scared. It’s their choice.

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The most powerful messages I walked away with after reading this book:

  • Do not get stuck in the way things were or are.
  • Get busy turning things into what they could be.
  • Change isn’t made by asking permission.
  • Change is made by asking for forgiveness later.
  • The Web makes it easier to connect with people and create your own micromovement.
  • True leaders understand that change is not only omnipresent, but the key to success.

So embrace your heretic ways. Speak up. Take a stand. Be the change. Lead your tribe.

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