Twitter is a micro-blogging site unparalleled to any other platform on the Internet today. In 140 characters or less tweeps connect with one another to share information, build relationships and yes, do business.

If you don’t have tweeps, aren’t familiar with the twitterverse or haven’t started tweeting, it’s time to get on board.

twitter Revolution ~ How Social Media and Mobile Marketing is Changing the Way we Do Business and Market Online by Deborah Micek @CoachDeb & Warren Whitlock @WarrenWhitlock is a game changer.

Admittedly, I know just enough to be dangerous when it comes to technology. So, I was thrilled to find @CoachDeb and @WarrenWhitlock had created a book, that I refer to as “the ultimate twitter handbook” (which is a very real book with a virtual twist – meaning chapters are continued and ever-evolving on-line – very clever indeed).

The 1st book about twitter by @CoachDeb and @WarrenWhitlock check out twitter Revolution #book #social Click To Tweet

This book is perfect for my friends and acquaintances who have scoffed at the thought that twitter is a viable means of connection for both personal and business reasons.

The book is well laid out and includes four sections:

1. Understanding and getting started
2. Success on twitter
3. Influence and persuasion to position and brand yourself on  social networks
4. iChapters – the playbook

You’ll find great tips to get started, really embrace social networking and solid examples of how twitter works.

The bottom line is, it’s really all about relationships.

Social media has expanded my thinking, connected me with lucrative business contacts (leading to paid gigs & guest appearances on teleseminars), given me a fun outlet to connect with like-minded friends and tweet about topics I’m passionate about. Plus, I’m able to give back by sharing knowledge and tips with other tweeps.

If you’ve been resisting and are not quite ready to jump on the social media band wagon (which by the way, isn’t a passing fad), you’ll want to grab your copy of the book by clicking this link Twitter Revolution: How Social Media and Mobile Marketing is Changing the Way We Do Business & Market Online

Oh, and be sure to add me as one of your tweeps on twitter @WriteOnCreative.


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