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While audio and video are not new to the marketing mix, the demand for quality and thoughtful messages is increasing rapidly. Personally, I believe quality video and audio are an integral part of maintaining brand integrity.

Here’s what I mean. As business owners we put a lot of time, thought and research into creating our brands. Some marketers own a personal brand, others a corporate brand and really savvy marketers embrace co- branding.

To break it down further I’ll give a layman’s definition of a brand.

Brand: The overall impression and experience that your customers receive from your business.

This definition seems to demystify the concept of branding for most people. Simply put your brand is an extension of your business and your brand integrity is EVERYTHING you do to enhance your customer’s experience.

Brand integrity extends to your logo, marketing, copy, website, ads, social networking, shopping transactions, audio and yes, your videos.

We’ve all seen random home videos with inconsistent messages, poor lighting, clutter filled backgrounds and more…You know what I’m talking about. And, while some of these videos may be generating some results. What people aren’t saying (at least to your face) is how the shoddy productions are affecting brand integrity which is a true disservice to your customers, your particular industry, the creator of the video, your business and your brand.

I’m not suggesting that videos and audio shouldn’t be used. I’m just suggesting that if you’re going to infuse your brand with visual imagery it should really support your brand integrity. Sometimes that means investing in your brand by hiring video experts or at the very least quality home video equipment (it doesn’t have to be super expensive but it does have to capture you in your best light).

Incorporating video and audio in sales letters and other marketing materials creates a demand for copywriting to support social networking, internet marketing, radio, podcasting, television and viral video efforts in a way that also maintains brand integrity. So, when you’re exploring your video options make sure you’re paying just as much attention to content as you are quality.

It just makes sense that audio and video, when done correctly, results in increased sales, supports brand loyalty, builds stronger relationships and enhances your brand reputation. What are you doing to enhance yours?

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Take Action Challenge:

Take inventory of your brand integrity today. Ask yourself:

  • Is everything I’m doing for my business enhancing my customer’s experience?
  • Have I created any marketing, advertising or promotional materials that compromise my brand integrity?
  • What one thing can I do today to enhance or repair my brand integrity?

What’s your favorite branding and image tip? Are you using video in your marketing?

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