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It seemed like a fitting time to revisit The Tipping Point since times are somewhat tumultuous (or at least being presented that way) with the political season, stock market changes, and more.

It seems we are very near a new “tipping point” and during times of change it’s always good to explore what triggers change and makes epidemics occur.

The Tipping Point is an excellent source for recognizing upcoming shifts and what makes them stick.

Gladwell eloquently illustrates how little things make a big difference. It only takes one different approach or element to dramatically change the way people view the world, how we react to certain information and more. I think most of us have embraced this notion at least to some degree.

One of my favorite ways to look at change is to consider this quote that I’ve heard used throughout Glazer-Kennedy books. “Little hinges open big doors. I also like the fact that this particular quote is a more positive approach to change. A hopeful look at what’s behind the big door.

Gladwell explores the three rules of epidemics, how they manifest themselves and more. The basic premise of the book is that it only takes three elements to create an epidemic.

1) The Law of the Few: This follows the basic rule of thumb that 20% of people do 80% of the work. The same it true of creating epidemics. Thought leaders ban together to present and distribute information that sways public opinion.

2) The Stickiness Factor: This isn’t new to most seasoned marketers – your message must have some staying power, create interest and become contagious in a sense. It’s all about restructuring messages to make them appealing with more impact.

3) The Power of Context: The key to connecting with others, making them want to change behavior or buy into a particular train of thought is in the smallest details pertaining to immediate situations. Simply put it’s all about presentation and doing so in a way that evokes emotion and buy in.

This sounds surprisingly familiar to most marketing strategies yet it is a bit more complex. According to Gladwell, there are three types of personalities that are instrumental in bringing topics, trends, and more to the tipping point; Connectors, Mavens and Salesmen. Each possesses special gifts and goals that contribute to the tipping point (you’ll have to read the book to find the characteristics of each).

The theory of the Tipping Point requires reframing the way we individually think about the world to forge change.

There are two big lessons of The Tipping Point:

The first is that starting any epidemic requires concentrating on a few key areas to gain momentum. This is easily illustrated by word of mouth marketing and the energy it creates to effortlessly spread the word about individual topics or issues of importance.

The second is the realization that the world does not accord with our intuition no matter how much we want it to. Those who are successful at creating epidemics know they must go beyond doing what they think is right and actually test their intuitions and ideas. This combination ensures success.

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It stands to reason that focusing on more positive approaches, solutions and mindsets will in turn create an epidemic of abundance and at the same time the opposite is true depending on YOUR world view. I encourage you to read this book and ask yourself:

“What is my worldview?”

“What am I doing to create positive change?”

Click this link to grab your copy and join the conversation The Tipping Point: How Little Things Can Make a Big Difference

Leave your biggest takeaways from the book below and we’ll discuss.

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