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    A few years ago I met John Carlton in person. He’s one of Lorrie Morgan-Ferrero’s mentors and she’s one of mine. So, by default and the fact that I survived one of Carlton’s infamous hot seats without crying, he’s become someone I keep a close eye on.

    I enjoy his rants. His writing, quite simply, rocks.

    During the hot seat, he shredded a letter I wrote to Bill Glazer regarding a copywriting apprentice opportunity. His advice was solid and right on. I took it to heart and learned from it.

    Since then, I met Glazer in person at Ali Brown’s Online Success Blueprint Workshop, had the opportunity to have lunch with him and chat. Not only was? this a fantastic experience, it paved the way to a testimonial from Glazer himself regarding my press release writing (he actually included my press release about his Creating Copy That Sells certification program in his direct response letter to promote the program). WAHOO!!!

    Anyway, I digress? and at the same time this progression illustrates taking the time to hone the craft and proving you’re worthy. Plus, it really is fun and I feel blessed to do what I love every day. I cannot imagine every having a “day job” again. I often joke about finally taking the plunge to freefall, freelance, fulltime…

    A recent blog post Carlton wrote really speaks to some truths circulating in the world of copywriting. Carlton shares thoughts on the current “copywriting crisis” and I encourage you to read all about it here

    You can also view my comment and his response here

    My point? Choose your copywriter wisely and make sure they deliver results.

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