• I’m off to see the Wizard. The Wizard of Ads that is… and you’ll want to tap into the Secret Formulas of tthe Wizard of Ads

    Even though my business is primarily internet based there are tried and true advertising methods that span the mediums. One of my all time favorite reads is no exception.

    Roy Williams aka The Wizard of Ads is an absolute marketing genius in my book.

    The Secret Formulas of the Wizard of Ads is not a new release but the contents are timeless.

    I love the wacky approaches Williams uses in his own marketing strategies. In chapter 29 “Sing a Little Song, Dance a Little Dance” he shares the story of his not so conventional appearance at an American Marketing Association meeting held at a country club. He rolls in wearing jeans and turtle neck. Realizes he’s clearly under dressed for this crowd and doesn’t bat an eye. During his speech, he pitches his book. He tells the crowd it’s different than any book they’ve ever read. Goes on to say, “It’s hilariously funny in some parts and heartbreakingly sad in other parts, and it’s for sale in the back of the room.”

    Williams is right on target. What he says is true and he doesn’t leave it at that. He raises the book above his head, leans into the microphone and whispers, (you know how a whisper gets attention, right?), he whispers “You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll kiss seventeen bucks goodbye!”

    He then gets all James Brown on everyone, starts clapping and chanting “I’ll laugh! I’ll cry!, I’ll kiss seventeen bucks goodbye!” Almost the entire room of stuffy suits follows his lead…

    He sells out. Not a single copy is left in the back of the room when he is done.

    I share this excerpt because Williams connects with his core audience. He does it in ways that get results and are unexpected. He knows exactly what he is doing.

    Williams is aware that:

    1) Surprise causes delight and begins to persuade
    2) Follow through occurs when people hear themselves say they are going to do something
    3) Speaking to needs sells especially when your audience can envision the end result (in this case, kissing seventeen bucks goodbye)

    Williams shares golden nuggets throughout the book. Things really get rolling beginning with chapter 36 when he highlights the Six Tugs-of-War relating to advertising.

    1) Intellect vs. Emotion
    2) Time vs. Money
    3) Opportunity vs. Security
    4) Style vs. Substance
    5) Pain vs. Gain
    6) Sight vs. Sound

    I’m not going to spoil the suspense by telling you what he has to say. I’ll simply recommend that you grab a copy today and set aside some time to read it.

    Secret Formulas of the Wizard of Ads is a must have for any marketer. Williams discusses a myriad of topics to be considered when implementing your advertising and marketing efforts. His advice is solid and experience based. You won’t be disappointed.

    Click this link to get your copy Secret Formulas of the Wizard of Ads: Turning Paupers into Princes and Lead into Gold

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