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    PostageInternet marketing aside, one of the most effective marketing methods I use is direct mail. In fact, my personalized direct mail program Write On Contacts can help you do the same. I find snail mail is a great way to keep in touch and generate revenue.

    Even though postage has increased again, my return on investment is WAY worth it. Plus, I thoroughly understand the cost of doing business. And, I fully respect US postal employees who are dedicated to delivering.

    I was also delighted to receive a message from my Write On Contacts service provider about specific postage increases affecting my direct mail program.

    Here’s what I learned:

    There has been a standard postage increase for U.S. First Class stamps for several mailings:

    • Greeting card postal rate has increased from $0.41 to $0.42
    • When inserting newspapers or DVDs, the rate will increase by $0.02
    • The postcard rate has changed from $0.26 to $0.27
    • Cards to Mexico increase $0.03 and other International cards to $0.04
    • The change does not affect cards sent to Canada.

    Why does this matter? First, it impacts my budget for direct mail. It won’t change my efforts; it will only change how I calculate return on investment. Second, I don’t have time to track all of this information and they do! Win! Win! for me.

    If you haven’t incorporated direct mail in your marketing mix, consider it today. Feel free to check out my program here (of course, I highly recommend it): http://www.sendoutcards.com/writeoncontacts

    Happy mailings!!!

    P.S. While we’re discussing effectiveness and ROI, grab some Forever stamps at the post office and you’ll never have to worry about future increases on regular mail.

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