• Many years ago I read a book, The Aladdin Factor, that changed my life. The beauty of books is they are truly timeless. I revisited this book several years ago because the continued buzz about “The Secret” made me think of it. AND it continues to be a trusted resource in my library.

    The Aladdin Factor is a simple fast-track to getting what you want. Originally released in 1995 (around the time Chicken Soup for The Soul series was really taking off). This book changed the way I approached business and personal interactions. If you a haven’t read it yet, follow this link to get your copy The Aladdin Factor

    I believe that one of the greatest lessons you will ever learn is included in this book. That lesson is the fine art of asking for what you really want.

    Canfield and Hansen explore five barriers to asking for what we want:

    1. The first is ignorance. Often, we simply don’t know what to ask for. This occurs for many reasons including lack of exposure, not knowing the resources available and not fully understanding our personal desires and yearnings.
    2. Second, limiting and inaccurate beliefs keep us stuck in what we know to be true from past experiences. This includes programming from parents, teachers, churches, peers and the media.
    3. Fear is the third barrier (and one I believe we can all relate to). It is fear, usually based on past disappointments and experiences that hold many of us back from asking for what we truly desire. The fear of rejection is particularly debilitating. Fear of looking silly, being humiliated, feeling powerless, punishment, obligation and abandonment are all key players in keeping us stuck.
    4. Fourth is low self-esteem. Often we can feel unworthy of love, happiness and our true desires. This is because of inferiority complexes and false beliefs that our needs and wants are not worthy of pursuit.
    5. Pride is the final barrier and according to the authors is especially difficult for men. Although I see this trait in many of my women friends. We tend to remain guarded and not admit that we need help and support. Asking for this sometimes makes us feel inadequate.

    The key to getting what you want is simple. First, recognize and correct the barriers that apply to you. Second, become comfortable with who you are and what you really want and need (this may take some time).

    Finally, ask for what you want in a way that is mutually beneficial for all involved. The key point I took away from this book (and continue to hold near and dear) is moving past fear and  having the courage to ask.

    With Jack Canfield at the California Women's Conference

    With Jack Canfield at the California Women’s Conference

    Look at it this way. If you really, truly want something, the only way to get it is to take actionable steps, including asking. If you ask for something you want the worse thing that can happen is someone saying “no”. Although this may seem devastating, in reality, you are left with nothing less than before you asked. And, if the answer happens to be yes, you have moved so much closer to your end goal.

    So, go ahead, ask for what you want. The results may surprise you.

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