• I finally got around to reading Robert Ringer’s completely rewritten New York Times #1 Bestseller Winning Through Intimidation.

    It’s been on my reading list and shelf for some time. Recommended by greats such as Dan Kennedy and I believe John Carlton.  I checked it out even th0ugh I don’t want to win through intimidation. I want to win in business by being darn good at what I do, working honestly. and ethically and simply enjoying every minute.

    Honestly, Ringer’s writing style didn’t completely resonate with me. I always find it interesting when a book comes so highly recommended and it doesn’t really gel with me. None the less, I did glean some insights (or rather reminders).

    Ringer does an excellent job of positioning the importance of payment. He outlines the four key steps to successful selling.

    1. Have a product that other people value.
    2. Locate the market for your product.
    3. Create and implement a sales strategy (i.e. proposal, presentation, etc.)
    4. Close the sale.

    This may seem like selling 101 to seasoned sales pros. At the same time, Ringer points out that many business books and selling strategies focus on these points. Yet, he maintains, the main point and key business strategy is often omitted. Which leads us to!

    5. Getting paid.

    Who hasn’t worked their tail off to close a deal and then had difficulty with payment? I wager that it’s happened at least once to the best of us. With that in mind, it’s important to prevent and avoid business transactions that don’t pay off. You can take Ringer’s philosophy of “earning and receiving” to the bank. It’s one thing to close the deal and another to actually cash the check.

    Here are my take away points:

    1. Always negotiate what you are worth in business and don’t settle for less.
    2. Remember, that for many, business is a game. Play to win, always.
    3. Keep the end in mind when negotiating business deals.
    4. Remember, the deal isn’t done until the check has cleared the bank.
    5. Get paid.

    You can get your own copy by following this link Winning through Intimidation: How to Be the Victor, Not the Victim, in Business and in Life

    Leave your takeaways in the comments here.

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