“Everything starts out either black or white but ends up gray.” a colleague mused while we enjoyed a glass of afternoon wine.

That observation has stuck with me.

I do believe that we are shaped by our thoughts about business, society and the way things should be. Not only do our families play a big part in this shaping but so do our friends, business associates and the media.

So, all of the events in our life can be black, white, right, wrong or somewhere in between depending on how our world view has been shaped.

It’s interesting really and the more I learn about life and business the more I have realized that I don’t want my life to be black, white, right or wrong.

Instead I choose a life that is fun, fulfilling and full of color.

I have found that by creating a life I truly love, I am able to live on my own terms personally and professionally without regret or restrain.

This doesn’t mean I am doing anything outrageous. In fact, I respect all the people I come in contact with. I simply choose to spend time and do business with people who really enrich my life.

It’s certainly something to ponder and I know a simple conversation over wine really made me re-evaluate my own views.

Are you living black or white? Right or wrong? Things in your world seeming a little gray? Have you considered living in full-on color?

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