• When you’re ready for no B.S. tips about business success, Kennedy does not disappoint. In fact, usually, there are only a handful of golden nuggets I can easily bullet point in a review for one book. With Dan Kennedy’s No B.S. Business ~ Success – The Ultimate No Holds Barred, Kick Butt, Take No Prisoners, Tough & Spirited Guide, I found something tangible and applicable to entrepreneurialism in each chapter.

    As I read books, I keep a highlighter and sticky note pad close at hand to flag points to ponder or implement. You should see the numerous sticky notes poking out of this book. I’ll share the most poignant ideas and encourage you to read the book to find out what speaks to you.

    My absolute favorite passage from the book is found on page 11 and if you are a true, spirited entrepreneur, I imagine it will speak to you as well. Here it is

    “The fact- and it is fact-the line between “work” and “play” is thoroughly blurred for the true entrepreneur and the corollary fact that entrepreneur’s business life is often, frankly, bluntly, more important to him (her)than his (her) personal and social life are a huge source of befuddlement, annoyance, and tension for those around him (her).” (note I have inserted the reference to “her” because I don’t want it to be overlooked by the “good ole boys club” that this applies to many women entrepreneurs as well).

    Kennedy counters this statement with sage advice pointing out that you don’t want to marry your business, but rather marry the goals of the business. His point being, you own the business, don’t let it own you. Throughout the book he shares ways to delegate and systematically reduce the dependency of your business on you. In order to truly experience wealth, security, freedom and business success, you must embrace this notion and it’s one of the hardest for entrepreneurs to do. The key, align yourself with sharp team members so you don’t have lose sleep because you think if you don’t do it, it won’t be done right.

    Here are a handful of the nuggets that spoke to me (and trust me there are many more).

    • Hire support people to help with marketing but be careful who you hire and always check references.
    • Sell yourself on selling. It’s one of the most important skills an entrepreneur needs to succeed.
    • Believe in your own abilities. You are probably a lot farther along than you would have guessed and you can be a success in your field.
    • Never rely on only one person to fill one critical, key role in your businesses. Always have support or a backup plan.
    • Don’t become too absorbed in your success that affects other aspects of your life.

    These nuggets alone will give you a great foundation for business success. Kennedy gives sound advice and applicable strategies throughout including how to deal with legal aspects of business, how to stay sane in an insane world, how to manage cash flow, how to achieve peak productivity, how to attract good luck and more. This book is well worth the read.

    Click this link to get your copy No B.S. Business Success and when you’re done reading or (or if you already have) leave your thoughts as comment here.


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