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    In light of my recent hand injury, I have to admit that I’m very cognizant of the pains of others. We take our precious lives for granted and we assume that we will be fully functioning humans, on every level, all of the time.

    That is until an accident occurs.

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    Admit it, you probably cannot imagine going one day without your right hand (or left if you are a southpaw). I dare you to try it (I’m going on 7 weeks).

    Because I am somewhat limited to what I can do at this time (no lifting, typing, and writing with my right hand) I’ve become pretty adept in working with voice recognition tools (thank you Dragon Naturally Speaking) so I can still keep in touch and work on select writing projects.

    I’m also diving into my reading which really is a treat. Reading helps keep my mind off the pain and I’m trying not to become too dependant on pain medicine. Of course, I’m thinking positive thoughts to speed the healing process, but a process it is. The cast is off and now I alternate between a brace and a joint jack to try and straighten out my finger. At this point, it’s still bent at about a 45° angle.

    Anyway. I’ve been reading No B.S. Business Success, the Ultimate No Holds Barred Take No Prisoners Tough and Spirited Guide by Dan Kennedy and true to Dan Kennedy form this book is packed with great information (if you are a subscriber to Manyon’s Musing ezine, you’ll be able to read my full book review after the 15th of this month when I deliver it straight to your inbox. Not a subscriber? What are you waiting for? Sign up here today.

    So, this morning I received an e-mail from Dan Kennedy because I’m a member of the Glazer Kennedy Inner Circle Gold Marketing program. Dan was letting us know about a recent injury he suffered from at the racetrack. Despite this mishap, which includes back injuries, Dan traveled to a huge conference to fulfill a commitment against his doctor’s orders. I admire his dedication and can completely relate to wanting to keep on keeping on, even with an injury. Plus it’s another reminder how tough and spirited he really is and I respect that greatly. I hope he heals well and quickly because I know, what a challenge it is to be forced to slow down.

    Like Dan, I am blessed to have a wonderful support team to keep things running for me.? But I’m really looking forward to being able to use my right hand again and I gained some really interesting insights from having this temporary disability. One of them directly relates to customer service and how people are treated with disabilities. But that’s a story for another time.

    For now, I need to go put my finger in the joint jack, which is very similar to a torture chamber device. It basically stretches the tendon to try and help straighten my finger. My physical therapist insists that I wear it for a half-hour at a time, six times a day. Who am I to argue, I want to be whole again and as a captive audience I can finish reading Kennedy’s book and get a little more tough and spirited myself.

    P.S, I finished the book and wrote a review here. Click to enjoy.

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