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    Talk to the handIf you are a frequent visitor to my blog, you’ve undoubtedly noticed my posts are not coming quite as regularly as they were before. Before March 14th that is.

    Here’s a little back story !

    I’d taken a few days off of work to get some things done around the house. In the process, I had a run in with a butter knife. Let’s just say that “grace” is not my middle name. While trying to pry wax out of a candle holder, my hand slipped and with great force my little finger came in contact with the blade of the butter knife.

    If you’re squeamish, I might lose you here. So, to avoid that, I’ll make what could be a long story, a bit shorter and leave out most of the gory details.

    I severed my tendon with the butter knife. I didn’t know it at the time but what I did know is that I needed to drive myself to Express Care ASAP (I thought of them first because I used to do all of the copywriting for their? radio, TV, direct mail and print ads).

    I made it to Express Care, despite the fact that I was about ready to faint at the sight of blood. Anyway, they stitched me up and sent me home even though I couldn’t move the top portion of my pinky. I thought that was strange but doctor knows best (after all, what real damage could a butter knife do?)!

    Fast forward several days when I return to get the stitches removed. I still cannot move my finger and it’s deemed necessary that I see a specialist. Turns out a butter knife can do significant damage and surgery is scheduled. (This is when I seriously start wishing one of my soul sisters ?€“Viki Viertel aka The Business Buddha was a little closer so she could oversee the process. Yes, my multi-talented friend has business sense and knows her way around the OR).

    Now here I am using voice activation software to write this. Thank goodness for technology.

    I have to admit this whole ordeal has made me really grateful and introspective. You never really think about how hard it is to do things one handed until you experience it for yourself.

    Remember, I noted that my middle name is definitely not “grace”? With that being said you won’t be shocked to find it’s my right hand that’s injured and I’m right handed.

    I’m definitely trying to make the best of it and making a point to do all that I can do with my one hand. This includes making homemade soup which is how I came up with cell-phone soup. You guessed it, my lack of grace kicked in again.

    While stirring the soup and talking to my mom on the cell, I dropped the phone into the soup. Oh, it gets better. You’ve heard of instant reflexes, right? Well, I plunged my left-hand into the soup to retrieve the cell-phone (a brand new purple Razr by the way).

    And yes, I did burn my one good hand but luckily after holding it under running cold water and applying a little ice, it was almost as good as new. Speaking of ice, I also learned that if you want to get wax out of a candle holder, simply freeze it and it will pop right out. Better late than never they say!. Whatever!!!! I have not actually tried this technique yet due to a recent fear of candle holders in general and don’t even get me started on the butter knife subject.

    I’ve heard people use the phrase I’d give my right hand to be able to do blah,blah.blah, get blah,blah.blah or have blah,blah.blah. Speaking strictly from experience, I wouldn’t recommend giving your right-hand up for anything

    Although voice recognition does work wonders and I’m able to complete my writing projects, respond to e-mail and write myself little nifty to-do notes, there are a few voice recognition hazards to be aware of. The first, no matter how well you train your computer to recognize your voice it inevitably has a mind of its own and sometimes types some really wacky things.

    This means you must proof, proof, proof.? The second thing you need to be aware of is the importance of turning the voice recognition off before you answer the telephone. You’d be amazed at some of the interesting conversations that have been interjected in the middle of my copywriting projects.

    The CastA final note on being one handed (albeit temporarily)! I’ve also heard people say how difficult it would be to loose their right-hand-man
    (Meaning loosely, their business partner or assistant). I am here to tell you that I’m blessed to have a fantastic support team but at this point in time I’d much rather have my right hand back. No offense meant team, you are the absolute best. Right now, I might even trade my right-hand- man (all of whom are actually women –not that there’s anything wrong with men ?€“ -don’t you just love figures of speech?) to have my right hand back.

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    Lisa Manyon is "The Business Marketing Architect" a content and copywriting strategist for mission-driven entrepreneurs. She's the creator of the NEW marketing model for success (as seen in Inc. Magazine) that's changing the way people market today. She specializes in powerfully communicating your marketing message to increase results via Manyon Marketing Web Makeovers, website copy packages and content strategies to effectively market your business. She offers a free Copywriting Action Plan and marketing resources on her award winning blog. Her consulting and coaching is known to help produce million dollar results www.writeoncreative.com/blog


    3 responses to “Beware of Butter Knives, Cell-Phone Soup and the Difference Between Losing Your Right-Hand-Man and Not Being Able to Use Your Right Hand.”

    1. Patti says:

      You’re not alone…I feel your pain. On March 13th I smashed three fingers on my right hand between a piece of wood and the iron ledge of the wood stove. (I too, am right handed.) I broke the bone in the middle finger clear in two and bruised the index and ring fingers, badly. Doc says that the next thing I have to “look forward to” is losing the fingernail. Oh Yippee!

      Adapting new techniques for daily tasks and for keeping my virtual assistance business afloat with my “off” hand has been interesting, to say the least.

      I hope that you are on your way to recovery and wish you God speed.

    2. Lisa Manyon says:

      Hi Patti,

      Thanks for the support. Misery loves company, right? Actually, despite the set back, I am deeply appreciative and grateful. This injury has forced me to slow down a bit and really focus on what’s most important.

      I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason. We may not know what it is at the time, but there is alway a rich learning lesson ready to present itself.

      I hope you heal quickly and find technological solutions to keep the business moving forward. By the way, what is the name of your biz?


    3. Patti says:

      Hi Lisa,

      I feel the same way…for every season there is a reason. This has taught me to be much more patient with myself, a little less independent and more creative with solutions to tasks that I took for granted were easily done.

      My business is Rahn Consulting. A virtual administrative assistance business. I started the business 7 years ago in Idaho and it moved with me to Wisconsin 2 years ago. Running a bit slower here than it did there…but I’m constantly working on that!

      Onwards & Upwards!


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