•  Apply the Simple “Challenge. Solution. Invitation.™” Framework to Create Marketing Messages With Integrity, Improve All Communications, and Get Better Results with a Focus on PASSION Points.


     Let’s flip your script and improve your communications with a focus on PASSION points instead of pain points. Enter your contact info at the top of this page to get instant access to a business building approach to create long-term sustainability not “flash in the pan” results.  I’ve pioneered this communication method by applying decades of experience. This means YOU can completely customize it for full integration into your business messaging and strategy. ↑

    It’s time to turn your ideas into something that matters and for your  BIG vision to become a reality


    You’re likely a visionary, way-changer, or innovator and you need methods that match your mission in the world AND capture your essence. My mission is to turn your ideas into something that matters. I attract mission-driven entrepreneurs, nonprofit leaders and business owners like YOU who are authors, coaches, trainers, corporate leaders, speakers, artists, healers and even light-workers. My clients are connected by a common thread (even if at first glance it might not seem like it). You:

    • want to make a difference in the world with your BIG vision and mission.
    • desire to serve more people in a way that feels good with a positive impact on the planet.
    • crave a way to turn your BIG mission into a palatable marketing message that get results (without being salesy, pushy or using cookie cutter and paint by number approaches).
    To create long-term sustainable success YOUR message must be energetically aligned


    You know that you’re not aligned with manitpulative sales, marketing and copywriting approaches (you’ve found that the ‘problem, agitate and solve’  formula doesn’t work for your business). You’ve probably worked with others who teach antiquated approaches that aren’t working for your business. You’re done using techniques that don’t feel right to you even though the “gurus” say they’re effective.

    AND, you are ready for a critical thinking partner who listens, understands, and is a champion of your mission. This allows you to create success on your terms.

    The good news is you’re in the right place and there is a better way to craft your marketing message to grow your business. 

     Marketing with integrity gets better results and improves all communications


    You cannot build solid relationships using broken formulas, cookie cutter systems, or paint by number plans. Marketing is ALL about relationships. Business partnerships are created based on trust. Your word is your honor. Your values equal value.  AND, people are peple not numbers.

    It’s time to STOP poking at pain points. YOU know in your heart that isn’t the way to do good business.

    When you paint a picture of possibility and focus on passion points, you show people how working with you will improve life, offer their desired solution, and help them get results.

    This is way more effective than pointing out lack, using fear tactics, and poking at pain. The passion point approach feels better and will attract the right people to your business.

    I teach, train and transform with my friendly and effective way to market your business. By applying my simple, values-based, 3-step “Challenge. Solution. Invitation.™” framework, you’ll get better results. 

    I offer you a way to be true to you, connect with who you’re meant to serve, and get results. (instead of manipulating people into the sale, poking at pain points, and agitating angst — all of which perpetuate buyers remorse). It’s all about energetic alignment, a clear strategy and a compelling message that connects to the heart and soul of your clients.

    Let’s get started!


    It’s time to break the trance, challenge the status quo and engage in critical thinking.  Let’s dial in your CORE messgae and reverse engineer your most powerful solution into profitable revenue streams.

    Want fresh perspective or business advice on a specfic topic? Schedule your  Quick Start Strategy Session

    Let’s flip your script and make sure you’re crystal clear about your CORE messageReserve your Message Mastery Session here.

    If you haven’t yet,  I invite you to grab your FREE Copywriting Action Plan to discover tips to improve your communication and explore more ways we can play together. When you become a member of the Write On Creative Community, you’ll also receive a  $200.00 savings on my Marketing With Integrity Program to help ensure your message is energetically aligned with what you want to create in the world. Click here to join the Write On Creative Community and you’ll be eligible to connect with me personally via a 15 minute Get Connected Call.

    Let’s play!

    Write on!~

    Lisa Manyon

    YOUR Business Marketing Architect


    P.S.  When you’ve been sent by one of the Write On Creative preferred referral partners or clients, send an email to support@writeoncreative.com to request an appointment to map out a custom plan for your business (be sure to let us know who sent you) or call 1-866-620-1428 to explore what’s possible.




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    Q: Is long copy or more copy more effective when writing copy?  Some say long copy is ineffective and others swear that short copy is the way to go. I cannot seem to find a straight answer. Some articles I’ve Googled on digital best practices have conflicting information, too. I’ve also read your take on passion points versus pain points and have found your techniques work. What gets the best results when it comes to copy length and how much is too much? What’s your experience? 80% + open rates with long copy A: The answer is both AND it depends.  When writing copy, there are times when a long sales letter is going to pull better than short copy and there are times when short copy will get better results.  It will also depend on your audience […]

    Q: What if I don’t have case studies or results to share? This question was posed after I posted this on Facebook: Just because something can work…take, for instance, focusing on pain points…it doesn’t mean you should do it. In most applications it’s manipulative and preys upon vulnerabilities and lack (not to mention amplifies buyers remorse and return rates). Plus, it creates a HUGE energetic disconnect. When you want to build trust, strengthen relationships, and tap into painting a picture of possibility to create long-term sustainable success, flip the script. Focus on PASSION points, meet people where they are with empathy and understanding (and treat them like people, not numbers), clearly showcase your value proposition to illustrate how you’re the natural choice (think case studies and results), provide solutions and information that positions you as the natural […]

    Q: How often should I post on my blog? A: The answer is, it depends. First, start with a clear Content Strategy Plan. The best results for long-term business and brand sustainability come when you have a plan.  I recommend starting with strategy and writing into your strategy.  Start by mapping out your 90-day Content Strategy Plan with a focus on your overall theme/mission. Then chunk it down into your monthly focus and weekly focus.  This gives you and your team a clear guideline to follow. You can then create your content to lead to the specific sales and/or actions you want your readers to take. This allows you to pull content for social media, email and beyond to tie in with your theme and create brand message consistency. The key is to have a strategy for every […]

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