• “Revamp Your Web Content & Strategy With a Manyon Marketing Web Makeover to Build Relationships and Help Turn Your Prospects into Paying Customers”

    “Is Your Website REALLY Working For You & Your Ideal Clients?”

    Chances are your website has copy that needs help (most websites do because a majority of people are still using antiquated marketing formulas that turn people off). That’s why it’s important to get the right support when you’re getting ready to launch your site (another set of eyes on your content and strategy before going live is priceless). It is equally important to review your strategy when your site is live but isn’t quite performing as you’d like.

    Often we’re too close to our own business to see the changes that need be made (this is true for me, so I bet, it’s likely true for you, too…) One of the most common reasons websites don’t perform is because the content isn’t connecting with your ideal clients and there isn’t a clear strategy.

    It’s a BIG relief to get fresh perspective to ensure the message and strategy, that’s clear in your head, is truly connecting with your ideal clients and is compelling enough to entice web visitors to take action. I’m happy to support you in this way. Clarity can be easily accomplished when we collaborate to streamline your online presence with a Manyon Marketing Web Makeover.

    I’ll personally give you suggestions you can implement (or better yet, delegate to your team) right away so your prospects know exactly  how you can help, what you offer and how they can become paying clients.

    This process includes helping you strengthen your value proposition so your prime prospects know the value you deliver and the results that you can help generate.

    Let’s face it — if your website isn’t building relationships, getting clients and making money there is really no point in having a website.

    Some of the results my clients have experienced include:

    • doubling opt in rates (more people signing up on the website translates to more business)
    • streamlining online strategy to support revenue goals and increase business (more sales)
    • better response from readers by applying the “Challenge. Solution. Invitation.” formula to website copy (Hint: include case studies so people can SEE the results you’ve helped others achieve and can trust you’ll deliver)

    This is the best starting point to get very clear on your overall website strategy and individual page strategy and determine what needs to be modified on your site and your web content (copy) to meet your goals. It’s always a good idea to have a second set of eyes review your work and it’s even better when you invest in a pro.

    With your Manyon Marketing Web Makeover you’ll receive:

      • A comprehensive list of action items to implement or delegate to your team including suggestions to update your copy (including headline suggestions), overall website strategy, individual web page strategy and  web flow.
      • Objective input and guidance for revamping web flow to make sure your website is building relationships, attracting your ideal clients, motivating action and ultimately increasing your income.
      • A bonus audio with Jessica Eaves Mathews regarding website legalities.  This includes detailed information on web flow and ways to make sure your website is really working for you (including no cost and low cost ways to get traffic to your site and some legal issues you need to be aware of).

    Manyon Marketing Web Makeover ~

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    You’ll receive:

    • Personalized, one-on-one attention from me, Lisa Manyon (access to over two decades – that’s a long time- of marketing experience)
    • Detailed information on web flow and examples of how to connect with customers online to get more traffic using proven, low cost to no cost techniques
    • A one hour, one-on-one teleconference to focus on your Manyon Marketing Web Makeover
    • Audio a recording of your call to review and reference with team members
    • Review of up to 7 pages of web copy to make sure you’re really connecting with your ideal clients (a page is considered 350 words)
    • Review and evaluation of your Internet marketing sales funnel
    • Review of overall web flow to make sure your web strategy is in alignment with your business strategy
    • Headline suggestions to help you connect with your ideal clients and attract the search engines
    • A custom, Manyon Marketing Web Makeover recap complete with action items and suggestions on how you can improve your copy and web flow
    • Detailed action items to implement or delegate to your team so your website is really working for you (delivered in PDF format)
    • A follow up call to review the changes you’ve implemented (within one month of the initial call and not to exceed one hour)
    • Preferred client investment options for rewrites and edits at a considerable savings from the standard investment without a Manyon Marketing Web Makeover
    • Preferred partner resources and referrals for people, products and services that can help your business

    Manyon Marketing Web Makeover ~

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    Liora“Lisa Manyon has been an active member of the Women Speakers Association from the start. She’s a Team Member, Council Member, Founding Member and Expert Content Contributor. When we were working on web strategy, our biggest challenge was being too close to our own vision and mission and we needed an objective perspective to help with content, strategy and overall web flow in order to grow our membership. We worked directly with Lisa and her Manyon Marketing Web Makeover process to get a clear plan on how to update our content and strategy in order to increase our membership. We were able to use the audio and action items to make some key revisions to our previous website and prepare us strategically for launching our new and improved website. With Lisa’s help we were able to clearly communicate to our members exactly how we serve them, which I believe supported us in growing our membership base. It’s not every day you find someone with the ability to tap into both the creative, right-side and the strategic, left-side of the brain as effortlessly as Lisa does. That, coupled with her passion to make a difference and her positive attitude has made what could have been an excruciating process an absolute gift! Lisa is one of those rare gems in the industry who has truly mastered her craft. When you need support with your marketing message and strategy, we highly recommend Lisa.”

    ~ Liora Mendoloff,
    President & Founder, Women Speakers Association

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    YvonneBefore I worked with Lisa, my website was nice, but I wasn’t getting the interaction I wanted from visitors. Lisa reviewed my site as part of her Manyon Marketing Web Makeover and identified key areas where I could make improvements. She gave me concrete strategies and specific instructions which I was able to implement quickly and easily. Now when visitors come to my website, they get engaged immediately and thanks to Lisa’s expertise, I have more visitors opting in to my list, signing up for personal discovery sessions and becoming clients. Mahalo Lisa!.”

    ~ Yvonne Ohumukini Urness

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