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    October 30, 2012

    When creating your web strategy and website development or maintenance, strategy is KEY. Here are three ways to ensure you start out on the right track or develop the right team to maintain your website. Remember, once your website is up and running you cannot just “set it and forget it” and expect to get fabulous results. AND it’s even more important to create your web strategy from the very beginning. 1. Make sure you have a strategy: Your website is the heart of your business online. Think of it as your virtual welcome mat. You must have a clear plan when creating and maintaining your website to ensure it will actually help you build your business. If you’ve already created a site be sure to review your strategy regularly. Do you have a fluffy, vanilla brochure […]

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    June 30, 2012

    When I collaborate with preferred clients on their web copy and strategy they are often amazed by all the work that actually goes into creating an effective website. There are layers of strategy including design, programming,  copy (the written content of all marketing, promotional and advertising materials) and strategy to get visitors to the site. Because the process of creating an online presence can be so overwhelming, copy and strategy may not be given the attention they deserve. When this happens results are weak at best. I’ve also found that many people get stuck when creating their marketing message because the formula of “Problem. Agitate. Solve.” doesn’t resonate with them. When something doesn’t feel right, especially a formula to create marketing messages, it’s very difficult to create an effective message or strategy. This is true if you’re starting from scratch […]

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    December 6, 2011

    The New Year is right around the corner and if you’re anything like me when it comes to business planning, you have BIG goals and need your website to support them. That’s why it’s important to review your website strategy regularly and adjust as your brand and mission evolve. You’ve probably heard me say you need to review and revamp your web flow and web copy at least once quarterly. This is important because you need to meet your prospects where they are and the marketplace is ever changing.  If you want to remain competitive, you’ll need to have fresh content and make sure your prospects know how to work with you so they can become paying clients. If any of this sounds familiar to you, or you simply don’t know where to start, it may just be […]

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    November 16, 2011

    Your website is one of your most powerful marketing tools. If it isn’t building relationships, getting clients and making money there really isn’t a reason to have an online presence.  At the same time having a website is not all it takes to succeed online.  When creating an online presence there are three foundational marketing pieces that I recommend. These core components are essential to creating a successful marketing plan and succeeding online.  I’ve found that having just one of these in place is not enough. 1) Your Copywriting Action Plan determines what you need to write. It’s where you outline the content you need and plan the creation of your content (you’ll also want to be familiar with copywriting tips and techniques to truly connect with your ideal clients). 2) Your Content Strategy Plan (this is […]

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    November 10, 2011

    I’m back from the Shine Conference in Dallas,Texas and I’m fired up! It was a great honor to be featured there and to introduce Christina Hills breakout session about Word Press websites. I gained some great insights at Ali Brown’s  Shine conference and it was cool to be featured during some of the presentations. Exposure to brilliant people who need my services never hurts. Something that really resonated with me was shared by my friend Joy Chudacoff. She said “Success doesn’t happen in a straight line.” Can you relate to that too? Aside from the rich content at Shine,  some of the most magical moments occured when new connections were made. I gained some great insight and clarity while having a lively dinner discussion with Robin Fisher Roffer, her husband Steven and our mutual friend Mary Kay Morgan. […]

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    October 28, 2011

    I was chatting with a colleague who is a leader in the coaching field, a trusted friend and advisor. We were discussing and celebrating the birth of her new website. We worked on the project together and I helped her revamp her homepage copy. She also completely redesigned her website (working with one of a handful of ace designers I recommend) to reflect her current essence. During our conversation she admitted to me that after reworking her copy and redesigning her site she now felt much better about her online presence and is  no longer suffering from website shame. Does this sound familiar? Are you ashamed to send people to your website? Do you make excuses for your website? Do you feel like your website isn’t really reflecting you and your business? Maybe you’re even really frustrated […]

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    October 25, 2011

    Have you ever had an experience where you realize you’re not being as clear as you could be? This happened to me at a recent business retreat in Arizona. I was meeting with eight of my most trusted colleagues in a private mastermind meeting.  I love meeting with this group because they give me clear perspective on my stuck spots and beyond and they are all wildly successful.  We meet several times a year and we each get an hour to focus on our business direction and get valuable feedback. Anyway, instead of focusing on what isn’t working or what I’m stuck on, I decided to focus on what is working. It just made sense to focus on something I know is working so I could get fresh perspective and ideas around how to make it work […]

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    April 12, 2011

    I’ve  discovered some interesting things regarding websites…  Working closely with Ali Brown to design a content-rich experience for you in our 24-7 Web Sales Secrets course –we’ve found some common mistakes that cause your website to NOT do its job. We are getting GREAT feedback from our on the juicy content and many of you are reaching out with questions because you’re still not sure where you’re missing the mark. A great number of you have websites that are getting traffic but you’re not making sales.  There are also some of you who just don’t know where to start (you need a website but don’t have your copy or a designer in mind). Regardless of where you are with your site there is a common theme behind all of the questions coming our way. Specifically you’d like to […]

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    January 25, 2011

    I often share that I believe there are three core components to creating a successful marketing plan and generally you need to make sure your website is really working in order to move forward in your business. To recap what I’ve shared in the video, you need these three foundational pieces: 1) Your  Copywriting Action Plan which helps you determine what you need to write. (my free report helps you get clear on this). 2) Your Content Strategy Plan (this is the how you’ll strategically use your copy to reach your business goals and create your Internet marketing editorial calendar and beyond). 3) Your Publicity Plan (or a press release strategy and this should be a regular part of your efforts not a fly-by-night — hit or miss attempt) to help you spread your word and get the recognition […]

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    June 7, 2010

    I don’t know about you but my time is valuable. When I’m surfing the web it’s with efficiency and results in mind. I’m generally looking for something specific when I’m online and that means I’m ready to buy if I find what I’m looking for. The same is true of most consumers. We’re an impatient, impulsive bunch at times but for the most part we know what we want and when we want it. If you’re a savvy marketer, you’ll deliver when it counts. If you don’t, you’re making the biggest website mistake EVER. Recently I was in the market for some entertainment. Well, I’m always in the market for some entertainment…but I was specifically interested in having some fun that includes wine (no big surprise, I know). As luck would have it, a Facebook friend reached out […]

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