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    March 28, 2018

    How are YOU showing up and what are you known for? What branding, positioning and niches have represented your business over the years? Does your current brand position you as THE expert?  Have you narrowed your niche too much? Not enough? Is business cruising along as usual or is it time to do something unusual?  Are your business offerings and services designed for an industry niche? Or, is your magic more of a specialty niche?  Stick with me, there is a reason I’m asking YOU all of these questions. You see recently I had a fabulous conversation with friend, colleague and former client. WAY back in the day we’d done some work together to dial in web messaging and strategy (often small shifts make a big impact).  So, she knew about my web copy and strategy expertise […]

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    March 13, 2016

    Q: Do I need an email address that matches my website address? A: The short answer is “YES!”.  Business owners and entrepreneurs often ask me “are branded email address important?”.  They absolutely are. Here’s why.  An unbranded email address markets your email provider. And, you want your email address to represent your business and brand. Here’s what unbranded email addresses look like. The @ section of email features the brand of your provider. @yahoo.com @live.com @msn.com @gmail.com @hotmail.com @aol.com @mac.com Why does this matter?  Because when you’ve invested in a website address and you have a specific domain name that people search for, you want your email address to match it. It gives your business another impression with your prime prospects and shows that you’re serious about your business. You have the opportunity to create an email presence […]

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    April 17, 2014

    As we learn and grow as people and especially as professionals, it’s important to use discernment in everything we do. Often this means trusting when something is a clear YES or a clear NO (even if, at first, it seemed like a good idea). It all comes down to business boundaries. There are several telltale signs that something will be a good fit (or not). I’ve learned to trust my intuition, give myself permission to course correct and do so without explanation (because often the explanation is a form of coaching someone who already isn’t a good fit for your BIG vision and work-style). It takes time and practice to incorporate clear business BOUNDARIES. Sometimes we have to make tough decisions based on time commitments, return on investment, unnecessary hoops (i.e. business boundaries and etiquette), and reciprocal […]

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    August 4, 2013

    I remember the first time someone told me that I’m not a copywriter… Imagine my surprise as I’m sitting in a high-level mastermind meeting with brilliant colleagues and unanimously they all say “Lisa, you’re not a copywriter.” (AND mind you, this has happened more than once– with good reason, but likely not a reason you’d expect). Has this ever happened to you? Have you ever been positioned as one thing and delivered another? On that beautiful Florida afternoon I began to rethink my business. This was several years ago and I’d already established a solid reputation and track record as a copywriter. AND I’d also been over-delivering with high-level strategy, creation of packages and income streams and more. That’s why my colleagues called me on the carpet. “You’re not a copywriter, you’re a strategist, a marketing consultant […]

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    November 29, 2010

    Although storytelling and transparency are huge components of copywriting trends, it’s not enough to simply tell your story. You must have buy-in fueled by social proof. Consumers must believe your story, resonate with you, and believe that others believe in you too before they decide to do business with you. That’s why social media and social proof are at the forefront of many successful marketing campaigns. It’s also vital that the story you are telling is TRUE. Authenticity = congruency in marketing. Often when things aren’t flowing your message isn’t a good match for what you are delivering and isn’t resonating with your end-user as it should. Or what you are delivering isn’t what you’re presenting in your marketing message. It comes down to not only accurately portraying what you do but actually doing it. Including features […]

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    October 7, 2010

    It’s all about a good story. AND what makes a good story stick is TRUTH… Authenticity, true voice, and focused messaging come as a result of powerful storytelling. Storytelling is not a new technique but it’s being used in new ways. Consumers are now savvier than ever, and they want to know who they’re doing business with. The must know, like and trust you to invest their hard earned dollars. It’s not enough to have a strong brand anymore. Your brand and brand image is still vital and important element of relationship building but it must be supported with your voice to the right people in the right way. You must be more transparent than ever, and let people know who you really are before they choose to do business with you. This concept is hard for […]

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    January 22, 2010

    There’s a big buzz about branding right now. I’m always curious to see what people are saying because I’m no stranger to the branding process. Back in ‘the day’ I used to work for an ad agency and I’ve worked on branding and image campaigns from start to finish (although, truthfully, branding is an ongoing process). Anyway, there seems to be a lot of confusion about what branding really is. Some people think it’s a logo. Others swear it means creating a really cool television spot. And, others are simply mystified by the thought of branding. To demystify branding for you, I’ll share the simple definitions that I included in the training materials I created for the Idaho Small Business Development Center several years ago. This clearly illustrates the difference between your logo and your brand because […]

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    November 25, 2008

    (Photo of Viki Viertel of Digital Buddha Studios) While audio and video are not new to the marketing mix, the demand for quality and thoughtful messages is increasing rapidly. Personally, I believe quality video and audio are an integral part of maintaining brand integrity. Here’s what I mean. As business owners we put a lot of time, thought and research into creating our brands. Some marketers own a personal brand, others a corporate brand and really savvy marketers embrace co- branding. To break it down further I’ll give a layman’s definition of a brand. Brand: The overall impression and experience that your customers receive from your business. This definition seems to demystify the concept of branding for most people. Simply put your brand is an extension of your business and your brand integrity is EVERYTHING you do […]

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    June 13, 2007

    Underestimating the importance of image is a common marketing mistake. When we talk about image in business, it encompasses a broad spectrum. We’re talking about overall image of storefront; interior design, marketing materials, website and even your people, (staff members). All of these elements determine how your business is perceived. They also tie in with your overall brand and help people decide if they will do business with you, or not. The heart of your business identity is your logo. It represents who you are and what you do. The image of your business is the foundation of your marketing and advertising efforts. If your logo and identity package is weak, your advertising and marketing efforts will not be as successful as they could be. If you aren’t familiar with the term “identity package,” it refers to […]

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    June 10, 2007

    Branding isn’t a new concept. It does seem to be a bit of mystery to some businesses . I’m always interested to hear what people think branding is. Some believe branding is having a strong logo – read about the difference here. Others think it’s about having lots of really cool ads and some people simply don’t know what it is. One thing is certain. Your business image counts and everything you do is a part of the brand experience. Each marketing technique you use has direct impact on how people view your business. Here’s a little story. It’s customary at conferences for the hosts to provide goodie bags. Sometimes you get some really cool stuff if the promoters are sharp and value the intelligence of the attendees. Other times, you receive, well, junk. Or, to be […]

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