• Pam WillsOne of the ways that I like to give back is to interview my preferred clients about their business mission and vision. This approach is important to me because it goes beyond the standard testimonial format to showcase the brilliance of my preferred clients and help share their message with those who might need to hear it. It’s also important to note that this is not an affiliate promotion.

    The sole purpose of the Write On Creative preferred client spotlight interview is to spread the good word about the amazing work my clients are doing. I’m honored to serve mission-driven business owners across the globe who are striving to facilitate change, improve lives and make a real difference.

    This Write On Creative Client Spotlight interview showcases  Pamela Wills Coaching. Pamela invested in a Manyon Marketing Web Makeover. This is a one-on-one process to fully assess the content and strategy of websites. We review the website to determine what’s working by assessing the copy and strategy. The client then receives detailed action times to implement or delegate right away. This includes strategy suggestions, copy suggestions, creation of headlines (the #1 most read part of all copy) and design direction/feedback (note: Write On Creative does not provide design services but preferred clients can receive referrals to respected designers to improve branding and image and this is often a recommendation).  It is up the client to implement the suggested action items and when the suggestions are implemented. Results happen.

    I’ve asked the Q’s and Pamela answered the A’s.

    Let’s dive right in.

    Q: What’s your name, official title and mission statement? 

    A: Pamela Wills, Your Speak with Confidence Coach

    My mission is: Teaching women in business to Fight the Fright™ of public speaking to increase confidence and feel comfortable in front of any audience for greater business success.

    Q: What is your big vision?

    A: I intend to cure as many women as possible of debilitating stage fright and help them step into their true power as strong, confident leaders and women. I am poised to eradicate the fear of public speaking from modern business culture! =)

    Q: Who are your ideal clients and how do you serve them?

    A: I serve women in business – entrepreneurs and executives – who know that in order to take their business or career to the next level, they MUST speak more often and more confidently. These women already have careers and brands in place, but they hold themselves back due to fear of failure, judgment and/or success, which keeps them stuck rather than soaring. My expertise is in teaching them how to cut right through the fear, avoid all the debilitating physical symptoms of stage fright, step into the spotlight with confidence and feel comfortable in front of any audience.

    Q: What is the biggest challenge your clients face, what is your solution and how do they work with you (your invitation)?

    A: My clients’ biggest challenge is that they stand in their own way. Or rather, they let their fear of public speaking stand in the way of them rising to greatness. They let their stage fright hold them back from playing a bigger game.

    My solution involves a holistic approach that helps my clients lose their fear of judgment, start loving themselves more fully, build courage and increase confidence. These are the building blocks of confident speaking.

    I work with clients mainly on a private basis via telephone or Skype, weekly or bi-weekly. In addition, I offer a 30 day virtual program called Fight Your Fright that anyone can take from anywhere in the world. Finally, I hold live training workshops and VIP events in various locations. My invitation is for people to visit my website to determine the next best step for them.

    Q: What was your biggest challenge when you invested in your business and hired Write On Creative and me (Lisa Manyon) to help your business?

    A: My website copy did not clearly reflect the nature of my business and how I help my clients. The few people who visited my site beyond the landing page didn’t stay long enough to look around. Very few people bothered to opt-in to my subscriber list. My mission in working with you was to clarify my services and increase my opt-ins.

    Q: What Solution did you receive?

    A: My opt-in rate soared right away! In the three months directly following my work with you and your Manyon Marketing Web Makeover, my subscribers actually doubled from the previous three-month period. It was amazing!

    You really helped me to focus on my ideal client with more detail, speak directly to my client’s biggest challenges and invite her to my party. The detailed suggestions and action items made a HUGE difference and helped me to focus more clearly with ALL of my marketing efforts, both online and offline.

    Q: What did you like most about the process of working with Write On Creative and me?

    A: You made it so easy to work with you by asking all the right questions to draw out what challenges I really needed most help with. You gave it a personal touch with your warmth and wit. Your experience in writing laser-targeted copy was incredibly helpful and your ideas on how to build an audience with carefully crafted wording really made all the difference. I plan to work with you regularly in future! You are awesome!

    Q:  Wow! Thanks. What is the best advice you can give others about marketing?

    A: Get very clear on what you want to say and exactly to whom you want to say it. And HIRE LISA MANYON to help you get there!

    Q: I like that advice! :)  How can people find out more about how to work with you?

    A: Find out more about how to work with me at www.PamelaWills.com. Get over your fear of public speaking with my Fight Your Fright 30 Day program, my free weekly eZine, customized private coaching and/or my new live workshop events called Everybody Loves Lola. My creds include: Contributing Expert for LifeBusinessGrowth.com and SoulWomanSanctuary.com; expert listings at Clarity.fm, Betterfly.com and EzineArticles.com; and Board of Directors for Holistic Fashionista Network, with a radio show called, Get Up & Speak!

    What’s your passion and big vision? Join the conversation here? 

    If you’re interested in booking a Manyon Marketing Web Makeover click here for details. As always the results showcased are based on individual client action and are not a promise that you will achieve the same results. The fact is, you have to have a plan and you have to work the plan to reach your goal. I provide the plan (and in many cases the content) and the rest is up to you. For more client comments go here


    Lisa Manyon

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